Industrial Waste Disposal

Licensed Chemical Waste Management

Industrial toxic waste management


Regardless the type of industry, industrial toxic waste treatment encompasses a wide array of environmental, technical, and regulatory considerations. It a crucial process to select your waste management partner with care.


As an expert in treatment and recycling of hazardous waste, Pride-Chem is South East Asia’s largest licensed solution provider for spent cupric chloride, spent alkaline etchant and sulphuric acid waste. We are able to provide timely waste collection service to minimize customer’s downtime.


Pride-Chem works towards zero waste discharge through converting the waste into useful semi/final products where possible.

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Proper industrial waste management and disposal is a crucial process for many companies. Be sure that your company is complying with local environmental regulations when it comes to industrial waste disposal by contacting one of us.


In Singapore, Pride-Chem is licensed by NEA to collect and treat the following wastes:


  • Spent cupric chloride and ferric chloride
  • Sent alkaline etchant
  • Spent hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid
  • Spent ammoniacal solution
  • Spent copper sulphate
  • Metal hydroxide and oxide sludge
  • Empty chemical drums/ containers contaminated with residue of acids and alkalis


In Malaysia, Pride-Chem is licensed by DOE to collect and treat the following scheduled wastes:


  • SW 204 – Sludges containing one or several metals including chromium, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, cadmium, aluminium, tin, vanadium and beryllium
  • SW 206 – Spent inorganic acids