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Toll Manufacturing

Pride-Chem provides toll manufacturing services with facility, manufacturing equipment and labour to help our customer process their raw materials or semi-finished products.

With this, our customer only has a variable cost of manufacturing without the financial investment in equipment, facilities, and

Without spending time and capital investment of building a manufacturing operation, our customer is able to develop the exact product they envision. This decreases the time required for them to get the product to market.

Why Choose Pride-Chem?


Industrial Expertise

We have collected invaluable experience and knowledge through all our years in this industry. Due to that, we have come to understand not just the needs of our customers, but also what the company can provide and how we can always do better.

A Dedicated Team

Pride-Chem has a dedicated team made up of people from many different backgrounds. With each of our own beliefs and knowledge, we come together holistically to create and provide services and products that are perfect for each individual customer.


Our quality management system is an assurance in quality to our customer. Pride-Chem has a fully equipped lab to perform in-house tests on the product qualitative and quantitatively.

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