Ammonia Degassing

Unique, Proper and Safe

Ammonia Degassing / Ammonia Purging 


Probably the only licensed waste collector in Singapore, Pride-Chem provides unique integrated services to safely and  efficiently remove, dispose and refill anhydrous ammonia in your process or refrigeration system.


Our deep technical know how and innovative technical capabilities allow us to develop comprehensive supporting recovery process and equipment that can be deployed at clients’ locations.


We have built-up vast experiences in handling ammonia and cooperate with various specialised trade partners to ensure that all life, asset and environment are protected.

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Excess exposure to ammonia level can cause serious health problem or even death. It is important to quickly repair or isolate any leaks from the system as from experience ammonia leaks never get better over time.


Proper Disposal

Due to the toxic and pungent nature of the ammonia gas. Removal of the ammonia must be done properly by trained professional personnel to prevent incident or public alarm. The gas should never be allowed to be released into the environment, open drainage or sewage systems which poses health and environmental risk.

Equipment Maintenance

It is important that ammonia systems are regularly inspected and properly maintained at all times to operate efficiently and safely. Any unplanned downtime will translate to production lost and must be avoided.


Frequently, ammonia systems are contaminated with air, water, compressor oil, rust and other impurities. These contaminants reduces the efficiency and corrodes the system over time. Replacing the gas as necessary to improve the system uptime and efficiency.