About Pride-Chem Industries

Pride-Chem is a leading manufacturer and trader of high purity Ammonia and Copper chemicals in South East Asia. Pride-Chem also recovers and treats hazardous waste materials from electronic and other various industries. Our expertise in separation, purification and formulation technologies enable us to produce quality products and services according to customer needs.


Founded in 1946, Pride-Chem actually first began as Chop Seng Hin, a small humble family business, to manufacture soap products in Singapore. In 1977, Seng Hin Chemical & Manufacturing Pte Ltd opened business to trade anhydrous ammonia gas and manufacture of ammonium hydroxide products. Moving on in 1983, Pride-Chem Industries Pte Ltd was incorporated to collect and treat hazardous toxic waste from the PCB industries producing Copper Oxide. 

Both entity operate independently till 1987, when Pride-Chem and Seng Hin merged to form one common identity as Pride-Chem we know today. In an attempt to expand production capabilities, Pride-Chem (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was formed in Johor Malaysia. Ever since, Pride-Chem has continued to grow, improve and expand its product line, quality and services. 

What defines us?

Our Purpose

We define our purpose to “Innovate through regeneration”. We conserve energy, help the environment, reduce pollution, slow global warming and lower waste products in landfills.

Our Vision

We envision to be the best in class manufacturer and solution provider for ammonia, copper and their related chemicals in South East Asia.

Our Values

  • We focus on the customer and all else will follow.
  • We learn and be curious so we can discover and innovate constantly.
  • We operate efficiently to lower our cost to operate and service.
  • We deliver high quality products and services to the customers.
  • We operate profitably so we can reinvest in people, equipment, technology and research.

Why choose Pride-Chem?



We strongly believe that trust has to be earned, but cannot be demanded. Over the years, we have been successful in building trust in our customers’ hearts by ensuring that every consignment of product is delivered to them hassle free. In addition, to improve our product quality and meet our customers’ changing requirements, we devote ourselves in broadening the range of products and keep focusing on technology innovation.


Over the years, our brand has become a synonym for quality. Our topmost priority is to provide quality chemical trading services to our clients. We also ensure that the chemical products supplied by us conform to international quality standards.


Over the years, we have gained extensive experience in providing quality chemical trading and services to our clients. Our staff members are seasoned experts in understanding the needs and expectations of our clients. Today, we take pride in having some of the world’s highest profile clients on our books.

Our Team

Pride-Chem understands teamwork and recognizes each person for the difference he or she makes. As an individual, we go fast while being independent. As a team, we go far while staying together.