Anhydrous Ammonia

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Anhydrous Ammonia


Anhydrous ammonia is a compound consists of nitrogen and hydrogen molecules. It is also known as R717 refrigerant commonly used in industrial closed-circuilt rerigeration systems. Being anhydrous means that ammonia is a dry gas and does not contain water.



It is usually stored as a liquified gas under pressure. In liquefied form or as a gas, anhydrous ammonia is commonly used as a fertilizer, metal heat treatments, air pollution control (NOx and SOx), production of amines and nitriles, municipal and industrial waste treatment to water purification.


Ammonia has recently found its use in advanced materials and products such production of wind turbines rotors and amino acids.


Pride-Chem can provide anhydrous ammonia in the following approved pressurised vessels:

68kg Cylinder

Suitable for on-site storage and top-up services.

4000kg Bulk Tank

Suitable medium to large transfers.

8000-10000kg ISO Tanker

Suitable for large transfers.

Other information



Anhydrous ammonia is a colourless gas with a characteristic pungent suffocating odour. One of the most characteristic properties of ammonia is its basicity. Ammonia is corrosive to copper, copper alloys, aluminum alloys and galvanized surfaces. It combines with acids to form salts.

Vapour Pressure

Because NH3 boils at -33 °C at a pressure of 1 atmosphere, the liquid must be stored under high pressure or at low temperature. In local Singapore climate, it is common to store the ammonia at 10-11 bar (gauge) at ambient temperature of 30-33°C.

Regulatory Classification

Anhydrous ammonia is highly toxic in nature. Its use is usually regulated and monitored worldwide. It is a hazardous substance and is classified as under UN Hazard Class 2.3 and 8.

Preventive Measures

Ammonia is a hazardous chemical that can cause injury and death if not handled properly. It should only be handled by trained competent personnel. Always perform proper routine maintenance to check the equipment in order to prevent and quickly respond to leaks as soon as possible.


Product Specification
Chemical name Anhydrous Ammonia
Common name Ammonia gas
Chemical formula NH3
Ammonia content 99.5 % min
Moisture 0.5 % max
Oil 10 ppm max
Appearance Colourless
Odour Strong pungent, suffocating odour


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